TTion Wayne

Tion Wayne – What can I say*

Lyrics from Snippet

[Intro: Tion Wayne]

[Verse: Tion Wayne]
So we break up then make up
Make up then break up
‘Cah I got rich now, sayin’ that I changed up
Rolex, [?], that’s what I’m into
Can’t resist you, why you think I picked you?
Flight there, we wake up, I up-lift you
For the things we’ve been through

[Chorus: Tion Wayne & [?]]
‘Cause all them [?] are from my old life
What can I say to change your mind?
Yo, T-Wayne from the─ , yeah, huh

[Verse: Tion Wayne]
‘Cause we ride, man, I’m this blessed
But you can click it
Mine from the get-go, I ain’t got impress
All my bruddas always livin’ life, we don’t miss ends
But they know I only need the wife when I’m this stressed
‘Cause that’s my princess, on jiggy, racks on my babes, I’ma invest

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