TThey Hate Change

They Hate Change – Blatant Localism

What part of the game is this?
Rap niggas pulling scams trying to look rich?
They ain’t who they say they is
Knew that it was cap when we seem em on the list
I’m addressing all y’all if you trying to get specific
Keys to the Whip but it’s rented
Can’t sell them tickets talking bout “I’m in your city!”
But this ain’t the first time we done caught you niggas slipping
Oh my Gosh

I’m a blonde and so is my pet
I don’t rap I commentate
That’s Maison Gucci when I step
But that high fashion ain’t my wave
They thought my Lightning jersey was a Fragment collab
But I don’t do the hypebeast shit
Got A M3 inside of my Bag, they scratching they head likе how did it fit?
Shit, as far the indie in the city go
Wе running it, but never put no guns in a video
Got plenty penny loafs, spent pretty pence on
Hand rag wash cloth keep my whip rinsed off

We be that rag tang band from the No Man’s Land
Stunted on Cam
Started Off hustling, still hustling like “damn”
Should’ve Won a trophy, we the Champs of the Champ
Champs Elysee, niggas still Pay for Play
What you say?

I never had to flash my tour money
I reinvested got more money
My uniform is an understatement
Just weighted jeans & cotton tees, still they can’t fuck with me
It’s funny how y’all get excited about crime
I can’t deny, I thought them rhymes was really true to they lives
I mean who really popping shit, and who busting back?
Why they diss you back?
Cause you wilding, I thought you went and handled ya business
See y’all was politicking, now my respect a lil different
Poster child, so we ain’t thinking the same
You fool me once, it’s fuck you for life, that forever remains
And if they screaming “fuck Change”
I Rolex sweep em and let my nuts hang
Before the deal shit was too real, champagne spills
Golden box ropes flowing all over my melanin

Catch the swing, I got mine and that’s the thing
Blahzay-Blahzay-Blahzay, who name bell ring?
Say what you mean, who you wit? it’s the team
Gold bracelets, rings, Big Faces

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