TTalisman (SWE)

Talisman (SWE) – Madison

I took you in
When you were young& needed someone
So innocent
I fell 4 you from day one
You came in2 my life
With no signs or warnings
My curious child
You go crazy when I’m gone
Rambunctious, yet so beautiful
How could you be so wild
Adventurous, yet oh so cool
Still you can make me smile
Sometimes I could just throw you 2 the wolves
Sometimes I just need your style
I can see you…. I can feel you
Please tell me that you’re never gonna go
Cuz I need you 2 stay
I call your name
& you usually come-a runnin’
But from time 2 time
You turn the other way
You she’d a tear each time you induce my rage
The guilt surrenders my pride
You fill me with laughter
Yet you make me scream
This ain’t no average ordinary ride
You can rip & tear at the seams
I think I know what it means
You can’t stand being left alone
I’ll do the best I can
2 be your biggest fan
I won’t just give the dog a bone
You’ll always be a little girl
& as your tale unfurls
The song will still remain the same
Madison, i’ll say again
I’ll make you my best friend
Don’t ever go away

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