SSajan Nauriyal

Sajan Nauriyal – ‌all i want


All I want is You yeah (x7)
All I want is


Ain’t no switching back and forth
You’re my life You’re so much more
This ain’t bout what I can get
Just to call You friend my Lord

I know what You said
Life without Your love left me clueless
I’m just gon’ believe what the truth is
If You’re my rock I’ll never be rootless

I ain’t gotta worry bout nothing
Your love is amazing Your love is enough
You keep changing my life
You keep filling my cup
I want all that You are not a part of it
That’s why


I found out the Gospel isn’t really bout what I want
And what I’ve done
It’s way better than the things I set my eyes on
You kept it real with me You been here since the mile one
Before the world You said I’m destined as Your child
So wherever I run
Let me walk along the path You put Your light on
God You see behind the faces that I tried on
That’s why

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