RRope Sect

Rope Sect – Rope Of The Just

There’s no turn within
Just one sordid answer
Our minds can’t resist
The delusion of Eden
At all
Their tears clean our path
The waters of freedom
Aged hearts filled with emptiness
Release is no treason
At all

Portents are waving from the past
Lying in wait and coming after you
Memoreis hag-ridden by the scars
You know the crowd is no more
Captors are creeping in the dark
Striding through haze and coming after you
The rope of the just
Torn apart
Always and evermore
For evermore

The heirs of chagrin
Climb ladders of reason
Aged hearts filled with emptiness
Demise has no reason
At all

The rope of the just
Takes a part?
Never and never more
Oh, nevermore

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