Rittz – Dixxxie Cup

1, 2, 3
Let’s fuck

I got whisky in the Dixie cup
I got bad b’s on the way
I got the bed layed in the pick-up truck
If you need somewhere to stay
She said ‘It don’t take much to get me drunk’
And she took a shot of yay
And she sucked me off and zipped me up
And she sent me on my way [x3]

[Verse 1]
Where my party girl at? I called her, she was on the way
She don’t trip if you don’t get to conversate
She ain’t be begging me to take her on a date
Cause she ain’t ever put her heart on stake
We ain’t be going to movies, sharing popcorn
You will never see me taking her out shopping
She just want to drink get the fido popping
Me, jay d, her, Ciroc vodka
Then she started taking shots of Jagermeister and monster
Once you turned her on she was all up on top of
Me, started pouring on fine [?]
And started to unbutton my boxers
Started sucking on her colossal knockers on my [?]
Everything about this bitch I love
She loved sucking dick, fucking, and getting drunk
Getting tipsy while she sicks my duck


[Verse 2]
My homeboy just called me, he said he wanna party maine
I got a couple tickets to the Falcon’s game
My girl got a girl cause she’s off the chain
Maybe you and her can get it off and bang
He wasn’t lying, she was fine then I saw her face
My jaw dropped, it was hard for me to concentrate
We drank [?] right at the [?] game
Tailgatin’, wanna smoke? I got a kush and vape
She said she want’s a shotgun, that’s all it takes
To break the ice
My homie went to watch the game inside
We started kissing in the parking space
Now how ironic, getting my dick sucked by the Georgia Dome
Where everyone around me is sure to watch
I was smiling while she was down on me the whole time
She was sucking it like it was a push-up pop


[Verse 3]
Yeah girl this is suck-a-dick song
Suck it like you love it, bitch
Make your lips puck, puck like a sucker fish
She got suck-suck-suction like an octopus
She showed me how her head’s got the [?]
Baby don’t choke on it, I feel like I’m throat fucking
A deep-throat ho, she gagging me, won’t vomit
She spit on my dick as she choke on it
Whole time, sipping my crown and my coke
I’m in a daze, amazed by what a wonderful feeling
Telling her lies, like girl you are one in a million
She looked at my eyes, I’m about to cum, I can feel it
Now my penis licked and got her to swallow my children
And this is 2011, new Too $hort shit
Girl, you got that kinda head that got a pimp in love
She got off her knees, and headed to a new person
So I pulled another drink and started getting drunk


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