Msosa – Soldier

Since a little boy I been a soldier
And I got the city on my shoulder
Keep balling game is never over
She love me I don’t even know her

Hoes contagious they come and go like Ebola
That’s not a Glock that is my boner
She doing whatever I say like I own her
Nice hellcat but you not the owner

Instead of getting some money you too busy trolling
These niggas mad I ball like DeRozen
Can’t wife her I know she be going
I know hе a bitch time to expose him

Msosa thе goat they know how I’m coming
She wanna take pictures hoes be bugging
10 toes down I ain’t going for nothing
Damn bitch slow down why is rushing

Pulled up to my crib no panties on with her nightgown
After 2019 they don’t fight now
You ain’t like that lil nigga pipe down
Fuck waiting we can do it right now

Brand new (—) take his soul to another dimension
Pop out gave him a hypertension
Why the fuck is you putting my name in yo mention
Niggas is doing the most for attention

Besides Doe Boy I’m the best rapper here in Ohio
Niggas be listening tryna take my flow
4 pocket full like baby and Rylo
Don’t touch me when you see me in my zone

I don’t care if you a lesbian get naked
12 inches deep she can’t take it
In the club turnt she too faded
Better than who you overrated

Get sturdy
Get sturdy
Get sturdy
Get sturdy

My songs been played in cars I ain’t been in
Go grind for it nothing is given
Still catching dubs although I be sinning
Too many L’s I’m finally winning

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