​moons & oribloom

​moons & oribloom – ​export ave.

[Intro: oribloom]
Yo, you’re listening to moons, a.k.a trensept god
We on that 2099 renewable energy
Nothing less, nothing more
Straight from Antarctica, you feel me?
Alright, let’s get it


[Verse 1: moons]
Trensept boys creepin’ with the fuckin noise
Only purpose is destroy, it’s just living in the void
It’s just living modern times, pick a side, please divide
Only reason that ‘ya breathing is to fight for ‘ya life
Ain’t no reason to strive ’cause your here just to die
Imma debby downer, sour man, I’d prolly kill your high
Don’t I make you wanna cry? Always make you wanna die
Bitch, I’m brеathing but for nothing, I’m just hanging out to dry, yea

[Instrumental Bridge]

[Verse 2: moons]
R-R-Recreation is so fuckin’ dеad nowadays
So I live in a daze, I don’t even count the days
Fuck the world, fuck this whole place
I don’t play ‘ya games
You could try ‘ya best to fight it but I walk all on ‘ya face
Bitch, I’m open field, rising morning sun, out here smilin’
It’s a green landscape with a rusty fence dyin’
In the middle of the place, I don’t even needa’ say
Anything else, bitch you die when you walk on my grave

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