​milo.mp3 – Vacation Notice

Hi c:
So, I’m going on vacation in two weeks exactly, and I haven’t really told anyone yet, so here we are!
I’m going to Orlando on vacation on January 31, and I get back a week later on February 7.
My family’s going to Disney for my dad’s 40th birthday, since it’s February 2 (2/2/22 lol).
The hotel definitely has WiFi, but I won’t be able to be on Genius while on the flight, that’s mainly why I’m making this notice. I’ll probably be on Genius for some of the day on the 31st since our flight is at 8 PM (CST uwu). But after then, I won’t be on until the 1st since we land at like midnight and we’re gonna need some sleeeep. Same thing goes for the flight back. Once I’m awake and ready to talk on Genius, I’ll pyong this, letting you know.

Thanks for understanding, uwu,
we don’t talk about milo

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