MMahalia Jackson

Mahalia Jackson – Trouble

(Trouble, it just won’t go away)

[Verse 1]
Trouble, trouble is living on my doorstep
Sadness, sadness is evermore beside me
Lord, lift my burden and heal me as I pray
Lord, my trouble, it just won’t go away

[Verse 2]
Night-time and daytime, this misery increases
Lord, I’m crying and I’m moaning, but my trouble never ceases
Lordy, how much longer on this earth must I stay?
Lord, my trouble, it just won’t go away

[Verse 3]
I am looking forward to a home on high
The time when I can bid this evil world goodbye
I’m praying that my name will soon be put on heavenly role
Then trouble won’t bothеr me no more, no more, no morе

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