Sirena - Song of the Lonely Lyrics
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    Song of the Lonely

    How like most nights this one is cold
    On this lonely isle where few dare go
    Alone I drift upon the tide
    Surrendered to my loveless plight
    And, oh, your soul's alight

    Strange, sir, to meet you here
    You don't see me but I draw near
    You've come to this place knowing your fate
    Wish you'd leave here before it's too late
    Clouds part, shine light on your features
    So young, so tender it hurts
    Your face, your frame, your hair
    Like his but it's your scent on the air

    Oh, your face, so like his
    Fall to me, oh
    This embrace not long shall live
    Fall to me, oh

    Long night, bitter cold
    I will bring you into the fold
    Give you warmth and a love that is bold
    I will spare you from growing old
    Exhale, tell me her name
    "She waits for you" I say
    In your eyes, thanks and blame
    Angel, reaper: one and the same

    Oh, this youth, so warm, so fine
    When he breathes no more we'll be no more
    Yet the breath stolen is mine
    When he breathes no more, we'll be

    I was once like him
    Broken-hearted, seeking sin
    I found it, pulled too deep
    Not trapped, unbound, unwilling to flee
    I had a love where death us parted
    And now my heart is coldly guarded
    Without my love, I fell to this
    I can't leave here now I've started

    I want to go where the sun slips into the sea
    I want to be there with you, melt into you
    This isn't love and it's not mercy
    Take him from me
    Oh, let me break free, end me
    I'm weary of me

    I'm weary of me
    How like most nights this one is cold
    Strange, sir, to meet you here

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