​milotic - ​​bottled up / sip Lyrics
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    ​​bottled up / sip

    Part 1: bottled up (Milo)

    [Verse 1: Milo]
    Fuck, why is life so hard on me? Why couldn't it go easy?
    The hate I’m shown is plenty, the love I'm shown is measly
    And I have no, no reason to stay alive 'til spring
    Man, I really fucking suck at this life thing

    [Chorus: Milo]
    They tell me, "Keep your shit bottled up"
    Then they expect me to think I have a lot of love
    Saying, "We don’t want your baggage"
    Then they expect my feelings to be average

    [Verse 2: Milo]
    You'd think after all this pain, I'd be savage, but I have no energy
    How would I have any if nobody listens to me?
    It's like these people don't have eyes to see (Open up)
    And I'm ready to just up and leave (Fuck this stuff)

    Part 2: sip (Josiah)

    [Verse: Josiah]
    Pull up (Vroom, vroom)
    In my Lamborghini
    Body waist so teeny
    Skinny like blini, drama (Uh)
    I start it, I run shit
    You gotta admit
    If Beyonce is Queen Bee, I'm an empress

    [Chorus: Josiah]
    I'm desired, admired
    Been hired, you’re fired
    So old you could retire
    Lookin’ at you makes me tired
    Want a sip? Take a trip
    Hit you with my gold whip
    "You're a pip", that’s a quip
    You just gypped, periodt


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