LuminBeats - EPISODE 21 Lyrics
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    EPISODE 21

    (Verse: LuminBeats)

    Pass me the weed bitch I'm rolling up a blunt
    You better stay inside 'cause I'm going on a hunt
    I'm not like your mind I know it's gonna change
    I got hella range like I'm fucking doctor strange
    Feel the pain, screaming at the rain
    You a lame, you been sucking dick for shame
    It's okay, you got your own ways
    But I'm real I been in the fucking field

    (Verse: Yung SV & LuminBeats)

    Bitch I'm real, fuck with us we kill
    Fuck how you feel, bitch you ain't real

    You could not be real for your fucking life
    Telling lies, telling lies, yeah you just can't get it right, no

    I don't fuck with opps they talking but they cops
    Me and lumin run a mile and pass thе rock

    (Verse: LuminBeats)

    Yеah I'll hit you with the right
    Then hit you wit it twice
    Your bitch on the pipe and you ain't got a life
    Ah, ah, nah but I get lyrical
    You stealing all of my shit, mhm, that shit hysterical
    You soft in your head bro, you should let it go
    At the end of the day you gonna flip, aye
    At the end of the day you ain't know shit, aye
    And at the end of the day you been undercover
    My ex bitch a dub and now I'm under covers
    But at the start of the day I ain't no lover

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