K-Trap - Duck & Dive Lyrics
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    Duck & Dive

    [Verse 1: K-Trap]
    When you hear that corn go (Grr Bap)
    Run and hide, duck and dive
    Trey 8 corn but it looks all dodgy
    Hope it don't get stuck inside
    Look in the press, I pressed too hard
    Hope it don't get stuck inside
    Shawty wanna' be outside all summer no-wonder she stuck outside in the winter
    Beat that 12 with two bare hands
    The handles wooden I got me a splinter
    Walked in with 18k on my neck
    Now I got number and her Insta
    I ain't gonna' DM them
    She's preein' I'll let her do the honours
    These hollows put you in the air you ain't coming down thats just mе being honest
    I'll drive it, broski put him in thе air
    Two sided shotgun put in the flares
    Auto I don't wanna' put in the gear


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