J-Zone - Kill Pretty Lyrics
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    Kill Pretty

    [Intro: Girl talking]
    Who's this funny looking nigga coming down the block?
    Yeeeah bitch. My name is J-Zone. AKA Kill Pretty. Hey ladies, I know I ain't handsome but that shit don't matter cause one I get this Long Island Ice Tea in ya system, your judgement is out the window! My ugly niggas worldwide, you know how we do em, get 'em drunk and run right through 'em. Bam. Let's do it! C'mon

    "I don't believe I've met this handsome gentleman."

    [Verse One]
    That bitch called me handsome she must be blind
    Drunk, being sarcastic or outta her mind
    She saw me from a block away and wanted to chill
    Got up close, saw my grill and said "Ewwww"
    But I don't give a fuck
    Opposites attract
    She said my grill looked like someone got me with a bat
    About a half hour later that tequila had her buzzing
    Now I'm with this chick looking like she's J. Lo's cousin
    Hoes say I'm funny looking but they still chill with me
    J-Zone also known as Kill Pretty
    Far from a heart throb, I don't iron my clothes
    And it's strange (why?) cause I can pull some fine ass hoes
    They say fine ass broads got ugly men
    Well that's me, her friends say "Why you talking to him?"
    I got her drunk, made her think I was cute and brainwashed her
    A buck sixty with clothes on and she call me "Big Poppa"
    I'm not photogenic so put away your camera
    Get bitch I'm energetic so I hope you got stamina
    I met her ex boyfriend and crushed his pride
    He like, "Baby, I can't believe you fuck with this guy."
    Shit, pretty must be a city, in the South Pole (why?)
    Cause I'm so far from it
    See a fly chick yo
    Pass the Cisco
    I got her and I'm out here looking like Gizmo

    I ain't got no alibi
    I date cute chicks but
    "I am not handsome"
    Tell them motherfuckers again
    "I am not handsome"
    Baby talking shit about me
    I just need to get her drunk
    And now I'm sucking on her titties, J-Zone/Kill Pretty!
    "I am not handsome"

    [Verse Two]
    You heard what he said, I ain't handsome
    I don't dress fly, you won't ever catch me dancin'
    {Girl} "Damn J you looking good."
    What?! Beg your pardon
    There's a lie, I ain't been called "cute" since kindergarten
    But I done bagged some bitches, cute bitches, yo' bitches
    And I'm looking like "before" pictures in "Before and After" pictures
    Got a blind date with this chick Sheraine
    With an ass so big it don't fit on her frame
    I show up looking dead wrong
    And she's irate
    I'm not a supermodel, nope, more like a primate
    Bitch talking about the situation is moot
    {Girl} We should've called your last album 'Sick Of Being Cute'
    Bitch pissed cause I'm not cock dies'
    Dyke please, don't cock tease
    Just hit this Long Island Ice T
    Drunk as fuck
    There her judgement go
    Her friend said "Girl you crazy?" "Keep this on the low."
    Five drink later
    An ugly nigga like me could be the star of How To Be A Player
    Thanks to the booze!
    Won't win no awards for being pretty
    But I never had a girl that was less than a seven


    So what I'm a funny looking nigga. I had every haircut man. I had a flat top, Gumby, an afro, cornrows, blowout, baldy, cesaer, I still look fucked up. Fuck it

    {girl} Damn J you looking good
    "I am not handsome"
    Damn J you looking good
    "I am not handsome"

    "You look terrible"

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