Genius English Translations - Lil Careca - Cuck (English Translation) Lyrics
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    Lil Careca - Cuck (English Translation)

    One more garbage beat
    At least this one has a melody

    I lost my virginity to a baker
    I accept doing whatever the fuck to make money
    My horoscope said it's time to get high
    I'll fuck my sister-in-law when Christmas comes
    A strip club has opened near my street
    When I come in, I'm going to make a orgy
    Bro, I haven't used square root until today
    Dick is so hard I thought it was a controller
    I already tried to turn on my TV with my willy
    Soon there will be Roda a Roda Jequiti
    I had sex with a Chinese man and it even had beating
    Dick in thе ass of those who root for Galo and Flamengo
    In bed, I'm likе a lion
    I voted for Regina Casé in the election
    Nothing to do, I'm going to hack Elon Musk
    They all talk bad about me because I'm a cuck


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