Flip Top - Anygma vs. Loe Pesci Lyrics
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    Anygma vs. Loe Pesci

    [Round 1: Loe Pesci]
    I could get your wifey in a bed, break the mattress from the springs
    Call me Freddie Aguilar I got a knack for pulling strings
    But don't call me a rapper, I'm just a dude with a gift
    It ain't movie night when I hit your boo with a flick
    She'll do your whole population cause I'm smooth like a pimp
    Watch that bitch do 92 million Flips
    You know how I tell she be enjoying this shit?
    Cause like most Filipinos, she points with her lips
    Girls love a bad guy, get the point? I'm a dick
    Giving brains is a game and she gets points with her lips
    She employed on the strips, she does great numbers
    Pat Stay would hate the bitch, she a straight sucker
    I face-fuck her 'til her face change structures
    'Til I flip her top, have her looking like Jake Tucker
    She swears she only fucked two dozen guys
    But between you and I, girls do fucking lie
    She came to my restaurant for some food, something Thai
    And long story short, your boo sucked me dry a few hundred times
    Slurping my balls and she ain't ordered Soup Number Five
    The whip got bulletproof glass when he roll past you
    Plus I stay vested in case like the Santo Nino statue
    Is there no code of honor?
    Like most politicians here, you should roll with armor
    And big gats cause we whip/Wip caps like your clothing sponsor
    See I make cheddar off writtens, off aggressive raw spitting
    You getting all timid
    While we was in the next room having sex with y'all women
    You was in the backroom betting on chickens
    She showed me a tail and two titties and she can get the Charles Dickens
    Listen, you didn't use to box, you used to get boxed as a featherweight
    Now you in the ring and still all your rounds' second-rate
    You were never great, now all that shit resonates
    Get Julian Duque to play the smallest violin ever made
    Before the battle, your bitch wanted someone foreign for her porno
    Said I'm busy, she can stuff her own box like Gloria Arroyo
    See, I'm 'bout to kill your man, watch this whole shit blow up
    Cause I'm 'bout to set this place on fire like the Ozone Disco Club
    And after this battle, you promised to bring us mountain-climbing
    And I learned the Sagada customs so I'ma leave him in a Hanging Coffin

    [Round 1: Anygma]
    Pesh, I'll be direct with this
    Your text isn't special or gifted if you can't spell for shit
    That's right, message him, if he replies, it's unsettling
    Pesh really can't spell for shit
    Them intelligent lyrics eclipsed by a misspelling sickness
    Is parallel to a kid imagining a graff concept that's wicked
    But can't sketch one bit for lack of penmanship
    I bet your brethren cringe, Osa and Bender check your writtens
    Looking all molested, sweaty and trembling
    At the end of wits like "For fuck's sake Loe, edit this!"
    He kept misspelling Protégé even after I corrected him
    So you can't rep Quebec if you neglect the word for student or protect in French
    So fuck all that weapon shit, everything between a kendo stick
    And a techno-wiz' most advanced explosives
    Or any method on Necro's discs
    When I can compel him to spell any word with
    More than six letters to leave his neck bone split
    We used to be cool, but you forced my hand so now the gloves are off
    You ain't tough just cause you're hard to talk to and cause of that
    A wrap on your knuckles will make your punches soft
    Y'all might be fooled with lots of gimmicks, but how's his game that tight?
    The layman's mind might fall for his shit
    When he tries to skewer an unlikely two words
    All to build his unfounded, lame-ass rhymes
    That just makes you a slightly cooler, non-autistic sounding Zain Azrai
    He got the "Loe" from Joe Pesci
    There's a better mix for your name though
    Take note, he's on the payroll, talked shit about JedLi
    But wouldn't battle him cause he'd rather win the views off Fuego
    You act all mobster, but more of a diva
    You should have just kept the "J" to make it "J.Lo(e)"
    Quite westernized so now he dislikes brown folk, his Asian side's rattled
    I've got my throne and yet Kumar here
    Keeps trying to invite Harold to a White Castle
    It's either you forgot your roots since your memory sucks
    Or it's an apparent snub of your flesh and blood
    That's why you care so much to always mention the expression "Fair enough"
    And your chef dad must have had the fruitiest cook books
    Of which you took spoonfuls for you to be too hooked
    To dudes being all about good looks
    It's crazy man, Loe is his own gayest fan
    He thinks he's so good, he can beat himself
    Then he'll beat off to himself, dude's really a megalomaniac
    Bitch you called Smack for approval
    Begging for his supposedly awaited debut
    I'm so sick, I got Smack accusing us of faking our views
    See I can take a loss and remain a boss
    You ache while watching your fame wear off
    This favor's cost is arranged so y'all can think you gain off battles
    While I claim the war, bitch!
    Get the fuck out of here

    [Round 2: Loe Pesci]
    Imelda Marcos saw my kick collection and got a clit erection
    I'm the sickest ever
    I could kick him in the fucking ribs and really get him in his middle-section
    Dislodge the puto from him big intestine
    Probably cure him of his indigestion
    Cause I'm an awesome friend, I cured your posture right?
    I told you I'm an awesome friend If I kicked Righteous-One in his wheelchair
    I guarantee you'll see him walk again
    I'm Hector "The Director"
    Calma though (Calmado) I'm shooting things
    Make him scream, "You the king!"
    He lose this thing, I'll make him kiss the ring like the Super Twins
    Any rapper in the crowd mad that I slayed your boy?
    Well, step right up, it'll be another slayed Pinoy
    Cause I give out caps at shows and it's April Boy
    Thirty four stab wounds, Anygma's in a jam
    Catch one of his own nurses preparing the bed and pan
    Cause I came to kill the boss like Sarah Balabagan
    But yo, Protege, your brother's 'bout to die, how does he tell you?
    Staring at twin ratchets smoking like Patty and Selma
    And you ugly as fuck so I feel for your face
    Like Sideshow Bob in a field full of rakes
    This battle is like RBTO versus nothing else
    Cause they keep asking the boss
    Will it actually dropped or is it was just another battle you lost?
    Dawg I'm Weng Weng, fly with that rocket on my back
    And if I miss him with the rocket then I got him with the hat
    This dwarf beating me?
    Impossible Kid
    They came to see Mr. X get socked in the head
    First I hit him with a combo, he kept his balance
    Then the right-left right-right-lefts I handed
    Have him seeing more stars than the Extra Challenge
    I seen your battle with Greeley, you got a whole lot better now
    Projection and bars, but you been biting Bender's style
    If you still wanna be the president, I see no future
    As far as I'm concerned he came to get Benigno Aquino Jr.'d

    [Round 2: Anygma]
    Yo he mentioned all that weaponry, but it's nothing but a front
    Look around you, I got a steady team
    One word from me and they'll actually fuck you up
    What kind of genius packs his CD with 3D glasses?
    Imagine, unless that shit is seeping acid
    Do you actually think a fan will sit next to his speakers blasting
    Grab 'em and be like "Damn, there's some real enhancement!"
    Or is it really some Montreal hipster season fashion?
    Or is it a scheme to mask the secret wackness of your uneven tracklist
    How the beats can't salvage your themes all scattered
    Like you're the only team that can craft a "political, club banger"
    That will somehow involve Peter Pan, Caesar salad, and the Easter Rabbit
    But the venue wouldn't stay alive even if you sampled a Bee Gees classic
    So keep on pandering to seesawing battle bitches
    And plead with league's emcees you disagree with
    To be all active in passing your mp3s
    As if the music couldn't speak for itself
    And Jesus Loe, you're already rapping
    This deceitful bastard would probably claim a rags to riches steez on camera
    Only cause of all the Disney characters, you really wanted to be Aladdin
    With that unique anatomy and stinking attitude
    Mister extremely tanned Danny Devito mannequin
    Could easily pass for a walking talking piece of fecal matter
    Visa's stamped for free
    But still this diva's mad his ideal match up picked greener pastures
    So I'm here to smack your ego back to pre-school, asshole
    And since you can't spell, you'll need those classes
    Cause you wouldn't get Respect even with the help of Aretha Franklin
    Urethra damaged worse than a weakened bladder
    When my thinking patterns kick in deep, the weak can't fathom
    Make y'all pee your pants and clean up after from sheer embarrassment
    Penguin meat doesn't meet our palate, but you're still an easy snack
    Since you can't flee or flap your wings, just a needle-slash to neck
    You'll bleed so fast, directions of the streaming gash is split
    Such reenactment, Red Sea fanatics wouldn't believe the half of it
    So fuck all your cheesy tactics, steep demands, and cheap dramatics
    I'll teach you manners like "Please and thank you for the views and I'm really glad to leave in a casket."
    KOTD's cancer's killed, they'll cheer in Canada
    Receive our patronage all neatly wrapped
    We'll even sneak a stash of our premium dank to greet Organik with

    [Round 3: Loe Pesci]
    He's no rapper
    You're sweating a fucking shitload even by Filipino standards
    But me and your president are homies, no damn stress
    If I kill somebody else in a cypher, no bad press
    You'll cover it up for me right? Antonio Sanchez
    If not, I'll tear your Coat of Arms, you barely know your part
    You should know that my bars are responsible for deaths
    And some very open scars
    Like singing I Did It My Way at one of your karaoke bars
    Versus Aftershock you got slain, even they know it's the truth
    You got slain so bad that only Slaine voted for you
    You wanna play ball? Let's play ball, I ain't never scared
    Louisville to your leg, it'll look like Kevin Ware's
    He look at me like Kevin Ware looks at a set of stairs
    Shoot at your feet, make you impersonate Fred Astaire
    I came in here to show boat, I got flavors like adobo
    Flakes flying everywhere, shake him like a snow globe
    When I roll up in a mask like your host or any battler from No Coast
    You're sweeter than a cinnamon bagel and I'm fitting to slay you
    You should play it cool cause I'm willing and able
    Plus I'm from the only country that didn't invade you
    Best Asian battle league, better pray that that's true
    You been occupied before, you used to breaking that rule
    Flip Top is owned by Flips and we'll be changing that soon
    But if the Japanese had a battle league, they'd have takent aht too
    Honest to God, the reason FlipTop is so popular dawg
    Is you stole the whole concept from Balagtasan
    And if poets were debating over probable cause
    But nowadays it's insults 'bout your fathers and moms
    If Balagtasan predates battles and all
    How is FlipTop still inspired by battles of ours?
    Cause you bootleg American media til the product is gone
    It's like kids making money off soft and hard sales
    They keep that weight on them like Captain Barbell
    You should never stop fighting if it's for something that is sacred
    I go Loonie like Marlon for The Ones Who Never Made It
    I go Loonie with that Silencer and I don't bucket feet
    I aim for your bitch's head and put the Caliber through her Double D's
    Now that's an evening
    Starts with a Price Tagg on his head and ends with his Plazma leaking
    See what I do? I use your battlers' names and charge it to the game
    I could even hit you with a rocket launcher from Penang
    All do is aim at my Target and Badang!
    See I got a battle with you but never mind that, I could undermine that
    I'd rather hear a Chedda Cheese double-time rap
    Plus I'm just here so JedLi can give me my 9th Wonder line back

    [Round 3: Anygma]
    If you're so proud of your intellect
    Then why dumb it down to get respect?
    If you're that profound and intricate, then let's ground it on a real test
    Let's drop everything right now, write rounds for one hour
    And I doubt this clown could get the style without scouring the internet
    See, dumb as can be when the sponge in pants
    Mixes with his buddy Patrick
    No clue, this tool's deluded I ain't no bucket crab but I don't understand
    The double standard for this monkey's antics
    So what's up with that, I know why you're here, just fun and family
    Loe bugged me bad to retouch the plan
    So sucker passes by his motherland Just to hug his daddy thought you hustled man?
    I'll chuck your ad, bum your album Dub it wackly, and make lumps of cash with it
    Your supper? Tampered, I dunked my nads in Hotel bed, I rubbed my ass with
    You don't clutch a magnum, just a thunder clap
    And this chump skidaddles Hunter's wrath when this dungeon rat's stomach catches a rusty javelin
    He asked me to create an AGL Philippines so we could rake in green
    I think it's beyond an Asian thing if Indian Maple Leaf
    He blatantly wants to invade this scene
    Play it sneaky, labor free
    Escape with cream and have his fame increased?
    Bitch is a lazy thief to say the least
    And speaking of shady schemes, so severe is his ADD
    Even Eminem would recommend you to pay his shrinks those 80 G's
    See he choked in all three World Doms, even the camera choked once
    By default you still choked when T-Rex had boat-jumped
    You choked against Charron and he wasn't even your opponent
    At your home you made us watch your Bender battle over and over
    And I wanted to choke you
    Until you choked on your own coke hit It's too easy to poke fun at his frequently rolled tongue
    Like fingers down his throat from all the symptoms of choking
    And ironically that's closest this OG Indian hoax comes
    To all those signs he's been dreaming to throw up
    You wanna talk life games? Mine, above the rim; yours, a sunken ship
    Your play couldn't gain height despite climbing a jungle gym
    My substance hits like drug addiction, the punishment is crumpled ribs
    You stay superficial when you muster strength to get under skin
    You come from comfy living but front like some hustling villain
    While I used to be a bummy kid and this country's shit
    So it must be humbling that you struggle for rent
    While I paid for your fucking trip
    Now the difference between our summits' distances is
    Is in the hundred digits
    And I'll step my life game two levels more When I run up on your double chin, bitch

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