Charli XCX - Need Ur Luv Lyrics
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    Need Ur Luv

    I need your love
    I need it even when it hurts me
    I won't give up
    I won't give up, so come and get me

    [Verse 1]
    Boy, you really messed around
    Put me six feet underground
    Always kick me when I'm down
    But I'm still driving through your town

    Tried to fake it, I can't take it
    Boy you trapped my heart

    I can't shake it, 'bout to break into a hundred million parts

    [Chorus] (x2)

    [Verse 2]
    Wish that you could wear my crown
    And feel the weight I'm feeling now

    But I can't help but say your name
    It's lightning when you're in my veins

    [Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus x2]

    Boy, you really broke my heart
    Took my love and tore it up
    But I'm coming back for you
    Coming clean out of the blue
    All the things you did to me
    I forgive them quietly

    But I will never forget
    And still I end up in your bed

    [Chorus - Variation] (x2)
    (I need your love)
    I don't want it
    (I need it even when it hurts me)
    You really hurt me, baby
    (I won't give up)
    Now, I'm giving up
    (I won't give up, so come and get me)
    Don't you come and get me, baby


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