Kanaya – Lily

[verse 1] (Kanaya)
Blowing on candles
Like it was your first birthday
We slow danced in front of the mirror
Depicting what are we gonna do next
Been looking for ways
To do what the world says
A mutter from beneath the earth
Said that it loved me

They say that time will mend
All the times that I’ve broken
And they grew a Lily
As a mockery for me

‘Cause I keep on searching
I keep on searching…

[Verse 2] (beetlebug)
I’ll relight my candles
On my 18th birthday (relight my candles)
The twinkles on the sky
Are a lie

But they say that time
Can fix what is broken
So they grew a Lily
As a gratitude for me

‘Cause I keep on living
I keep on living

[Bridge] (Kanaya + friends)
We’ll keep on searching (for paths to build)
We’ll keep on searching (what was once lost)
We’ll keep on searching (When I said I didn’t want to give in)
We’ll keep on searching (I really do meant it)

[Outro] (Kanaya)
I’ll still blow my candles
On my 80th birthday (hmm)
The sizzling sound of my breath
Would be the last thing you’ll hear

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