Jordeezy – “Gold Rose”(remix)

Pop Open the gold rose/
Got to many hoes closin I stay flowin
I overdosin god had made me the chose/
You be broken gold rose got that explosion/
Got her swollen I got the lottery got all tokens/
I got the wave like ocean I feelin the motion/
Got the poison wit them potions got rain like prince/
Got em bars like Been Servín a sentence finesse got venomous
It got the genesis Makin a huge ass ruckus like a wild dog
Good gold rose champagnе be on fire sneak up with a snipеr
Taking over the entire empire world be on war I be hardcore
Became the beast to tore it up sippin on the cup
I became the gossips of your mouth Smokin ounce in 4/20
I be lavish givin ya chances to catch up I got the gold on my neck
Got the dipset livin with no Fuckin regrets got the x got them free hands
Get hella bands I be a Gangsta out of Jersey Rockin timberlands
Flow stay on the land I got that strand yo sound be dusty
Like sand gon wipe it out wit sandpaper you a failure
I be the blade with the razor I’m the creator got gold on my ink
You weakling high like a ceiling i got em card to be dealing

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