JJoe El

Joe El – Intro

So I dey for my place and I pray for ya
Here right in a ***
Eh heh, you understand
You understand
We will just do something like that
We fit just do something like that
Wey we don rap
Just e go be, you know
We just do something
Maybe after this last
But that one now na extended version
No no no, na Africa you dey
Its ***, its allowed
Its allowed, na Africa we dey
Its allowed
Eh come closer, come closer men
*** you know
E still dey abi
Na freestyle oh
No worry wetin we talk
Say na jeje, na jeje
For here
We come here
Sit down for chair
No be small thing dey bless for air
If you get all you like
Make you pull your hair
Eh , my guy, you geti hair
Everybody hopen and sell na here
Eh heh, oya cut am cut am
Say na joel, eh heh
Eh heh you know
Okay okay
I done

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