JJack Maniac

Jack Maniac – Schadenfreude

You always thought
That you were smart
But you’re at a dead-end
And you didn’t even start

You have all the brains you want
But you don’t have a heart
All I have to do is watch
And that’s the best part

Your brain is a wasteland
What you need is a hand
But you bite the one that feeds
So don’t think you’re getting me
To stand up for you
When you aren’t even true
You’ll never have a lover
Make another blunder

I’m praying on your downfall
While I’m sitting in silence
Cuz slow burning revenge
Feels better than violence
I watch every day
As your ends start to fray
This life’s a shitty game
And you don’t know how to play

You are just a downer
A loser and a fool
You’re needlessly ruthless
And cynically cruel
You have to cheat to win
And you won’t get your way
Because tripping others
Is your only play

I’m watching you crash-land
Time for you to rebrand
Invent a personality
That isn’t just a mimick me
I showed you some sympathy
When you said that you were in need
But look at the time
You can’t look me in the eye

“A little bit of skepticism
Goes a long way”
When you think to hard about it
Everything’s a shame
“Nothing ever changes”
Is something you can say
But it doesn’t mean that
It’s still the same

(You’re the one to blame)

Strung so high, you cry and whine
Wine for whine, and dry for a dime
Take a straightaway to get your way
On the detour to which you strayed
Joke all you want about what I say
I’ve seen what you do every day
And when the gag falls back on you
You’ll learn how to pay your due
You’ll learn how to lose
You bet I’ll see it through
You bet it’s fun to do

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