FFantasy 7

Fantasy 7 – Angelic Gorilla

I’m the germ of the new and improved insanity
As I crawl from the ooze a beautiful and perfect beast
I grow wings take me higher above the city we must fly
On my breast I will beat the white soul dance of despair under my feet

Frome above all is clear we are one flesh dancing here
Separated like the stars milkyway galaxy is ours
I lose hope comes in waves and to the beat we all are slaves
On the ice perfection we do the soul dance of white desperation

I’m an angel – i’m a gorilla
I’m the last white man pulling the trigger
On the last emotion – immaculate notion
A lover and a killer angelic gorilla

Black fur coat snow white wings
Eternal love song I will sing
I lie in the gutter, look up at the stars
I’m singing it loud I’m animal and i’m proud

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