EElvis Presley

Elvis Presley – Stop Look And Listen

[Verse 1]
When I was a little bitty boy
Sitting on my papa’s knee
I still remember every word my papa said to me
Now boy if you ever meet
A pretty woman walking down the street

You’d better
Stop real still, look both ways
Listen or you’ll get in trouble

[Verse 2]
When you see her go strutting by
Giving you that evil eye
And she’s got a kind of dreamy look
Just enough to get you shook
Now boy don’t you lose your head
You pay attention what your papa said


All right !

[Verse 3]
She’ll drive you crazy with the way she walks
She’ll drive you crazy with the way she talks
And you’ll think you’re going to lose your mind
Cause that pretty woman looks so fine
And the very first thing you’ll know
You’ll be telling her you love her so

You’d better stop real still

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