DDysmorphic Demiurge

Dysmorphic Demiurge – The Antediluvian Massacres

Wizards speak of the days of old
When gods and giants dwelt upon the earth
And of the great massacres before the flood
When bloodlines decimated bloodlines

And in those days the Angels did return
They stirred up kings, so a spirit of unrest did come upon them
Rousing them from their thrones
They broke forth as lions from their lairs
And as hungry wolves among their flocks
And they began to fight among themselves
Their right hand became strong against themselves
A man would not know his brother
Nor a son his father or his mother
Till there be no number of the corpses through their slaughter

He was with Eden in Adam
He was walking with Enoch at the beginning
He sojourned with Abraham
He met Jabbok, or Jacob, at the brook Jabbok
He burned in a bush for Moses
In Midians Desert
The covering of badger skin didn’t bother him
Jacob Jehova became a pilgrim
And dwelt amidst the cashmere and gold
Of Israel’s wilderness tabernacle
When the staves were pulled out of the burglarized Ark of the Covenant
And it came to rest in Solomon’s temple
A cloud of glory filled the house
Because God had come to dwell in the midst of his people
Zerubbabel’s attempt to replicate it
Was a poor one
And the old men wept when they saw it
But heaven thundered and said
The glory of this latter house
Shall be greater
Than the glory of the former house
After four centuries of silence
God made himself a tabernacle
For God was in Christ
Reconciling the world unto himself
He said it is expedient that I go away
For if I go not away
The comforter cannot come
And I will pray the Father
And he will give you another comforter
Here it is
That he may abide with you forever
The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty

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