DOM KENNEDY – Love Is Gangster

Hunh, hunh
It’s an OPM thing, it’s that life

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
Hey, look
I told her, let me be an inspiration
Treat you how you should be treated, fuck the fake shit
You still chasin’ hoes caught up in the matrix
I’ve been there too, done it all, amazing
I don’t pop pills, gotta play it safe
Say what’s on my heart, not the Tanqueray
Been around the globe, almost every state
You a masterpiece, can’t forget your face
Couldn’t replace you with a bank account
Niggas going the lazy route, me I’ma take you out
And the survey says, you should be with me
Go on long walks, then between the sheets

[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]
I feel your legs shaking, got your heart racing
Love is gangster, yeah
You heard it from me, until I’m 6 feet you livin’ worry free
Tonight the night
Lets put our pride to the side, and make it happen
Who would’ve knew that we meet each other?
Far from a mistress, a secret lover
You the missing piece to my puzzle
I gotta hold your hand ’cause you’re stunning
Take you out to Vegas on the big day
Let you stand by me at the crap table
Yeah, I do what it takes, like play you Babyface, uh
You got the whip appeal

That chocolate cake, I’m in a Range
I can’t get enough, it’s an awesome thing
I never felt nothing like this in all my days
Got you fuckin’ on a first date, yeah
Got you cussin’ in a pillow case
I can’t get enough, it’s an awesome thing
I never felt nothing like this in all my days

Somebody right now just, just feel right
Stronger than ever
You got me
Just go on a long walk, figured it out, talk about it
I mean the way you look right now
The way you make me feel like I can do anything, with you by my side
Yeah, love is gangster
Real shit
Don’t forget that

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