CunninLynguists – Mindstate

(Scratched) Knowledge be the key
To unlock your brain and set your mindstate free

What? All eyes. Pay attention

Non-familiarity makes you scared to see
The beauty in front of your eyes
You’re thinkin’ narrowly
Everything isn’t a predictable occurrence
If you’ve experienced everything except a purpose
Then you’ve missed everything that was meant to be caught
Life sessions aren’t lessons that can be simply taught
You gotta feel the matter
Build the data
You gotta strengthen self or your shield will shatter
In the field, we choose to scatter like mice
Instead of coming together and keeping it tight

It’s hard to be alone, deep in the night
I try to avoid the dark life and be seeking the light
But so many times I fall in between the lines
Of what is a devilish sign and what is divine
If you base your life on wasted nights with no faith in sight
You might as well freebase them pipes

I’ve fallen down but I got up friend
Fell twice
Three times
Got up again and again
And again, it’s nobodies but my fault it didn’t end
You only don’t win when you give in
The days we live in
Send shit that’ll break the strongest
I put on my body armor and remain the calmest
Being peaceful at heart helps me see through the dark

Like dogs barkin’ it’s hard for evil people to start bullshit
With a literally cool kid whose only form of battlin’ is through music
If you hold yourself tight you can’t lose it
Life or death, it’s up to you who you cruise with
Exercise knowledge to increase your wealth
If you know yourself you’ll be shown your wealth (x3)


Sometimes I ask myself a question
Is my lack of inner reflection
Some type of indication of what state my life is in?

They keep piping in elevator music
Sappy and happy as hell with foo foo shit
When I reflect back and recollect that
I was born into the state of walking slumber
Taught numbers, realize I’m dirt poor
It hurts more now that I’m older
Showered in water much colder than this
Holdin’ my lips and close thee abyss
With the speech and the phoniest kiss
Rendered lifeless
Talk about an identity crisis
My third eye remains sightless
When the night hits
Can’t help but lie awake
Contemplate fights with vice grips
Depressions and lessons in starvation
It’s hard to be patient
Sittin’ perfectly still, listen to your own heart racin’
Assume the description of my life and it’s reality
Is on the warm side of fatality
It’s not fair the way you challenge me
Or the silent way my talents be
Hidden inside these translations
Emancipation as I try to dab the slate clean
Futile attempts to make my fate glean
Hate seems all inclusive
It makes me want to fall reclusive
And rip the tallest loose-leaf
With a makeshift facelift
For my mental state
Huh check it out


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