​cr0w – Trying

[Verse 1]
I’m playing Roblox and I just got robbed by a fucking 9 year old
Pull out the mag and the bullets hot but I’m talkin’ cold
Talk shit, talk shit, this is getting old
Walkin’ around with a bag full of gold
Lol that faggot just got trolled
I can shoot bullets with a blindfold
I just doxed you now your info’s sold
You on the list of all the Glitchcore rappers I could fold

[Verse 2]
Pull out the clip and now he’s crying
Feel like I’m The Terminator
Yeah I ain’t even trying
Where the cash is? “I don’t know” Yeah he lying
Got the duffle bag, filled with money yeah it flying
And if that bitch don’t tell me where his wallet is
He gon’ be fuckin’ dying
Yuh, yuh, I’m not even trying
I got the knife with blood on it “It’s so horrifying”
“Tеll me where thе bullets at” In yo’ fuckin’ head
Talk down to me, you gon’ be fuckin’ dead
While I burn your corpse the fire gon’ spread
‘Bouta burn yo money cause that shit broke

Broke, yeah you broke boy
You suicidal, and I wonder why
Not even trying
‘Cause I don’t need to try

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