CCosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate – All Around You

Hello, hello
I’ve seen your face before
And I know that you know me
Yeah, I know what you need
So come on, let’s go
I wanna take you to places
You never thought you’d see
So release yourself to me
I’m on a mission
I’m ready to roll
To feed your addiction
And watch as you lose control
To light you up and let you go
I want you to feel it
And dance ’til it hurts
To swim in the rhythm
And sing along with every word
So let it take hold
Let the music take hold
In this wall of sound
I am all around you
Breathing light into your skin
Close your eyes and let it in
Where you’re cold inside
I’ll sing you back to life
And color everything you do
‘Cuz every song lives on in you

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