CChip The Black Boy

Chip The Black Boy – Freakazoid Shriek

At last, it’s finished!
What master?
My evil creation which will bring untold misery to mankind!

I’m the invincible flaming rat on the lamb
Leaping at the nuclear vat to eat the hand that fed me
‘Cause my disease is deadly
Like a vermin slicing wires
Spreading virus
Slashing tires
Starting fires with papyrus
Melting hot tracks with my laser beam irises
I was the silent kid
Now I’m the violent type with a venomous bite

I fight filthy
I catapult myself into bull pens
Break into prison yards
[?] at the wolves den
I only make friends to make enemies
Attempt to flee
I decimate to the nth degree
The maniacal mini mega Chip ripping [?] to bits
Triple flipping into molten pits
Gripping the mane of the mad [?] stallions
Beating through dimensions
Battling battalions
Plastering planets with my noxious emanations
Eradicating every single trace of all adjacent relations
And all the [?] and races
Bashing through the portals into old forbidden places
You can taste the hot stench of my burning bile in the air
As my whirlwind tears through the form in the fabric of a thousand years
My flames evaporate an ocean of my victim’s tears
As I explode into a supernova overtaking everything
My freakazoid shriek echoes for a billion centuries

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