Hersh – Life With A Twist

Yeah, life with a twist, It’s do or die Keep going on or get lost in the deep end No…

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Hersh – Toss & Turn

[Intro] [Verse 1] Things on my mind A getaway time, can't seem to find it Cause I am so lost…

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Hersh – On My Mind

[Intro] [Chorus] You stay on my mind Know what I like You and me tonight We'll be alright, girl, time…

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Hersh – Everything

[Chorus] I got time for everything Down to fight for everything Things won't ever be the same Know that most…

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Hersh – Enough

[Intro] [Verse 1] Why do I need to keep on? How do I know which way? All of the steps…

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Hersh – If I Could

[Verse 1] I'm just tryna be the person that I’m really set out to be I ain't tryna be nobody,…

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