BBusta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes – Takin’ What’s Mine

“And now for our feature presentation…”
Yeah, see now – see now, I – I was reminiscing on some shit
(Let y’all niggas know, I am the nicest ever)
Yeah, just in case you niggas wasn’t really understanding what was going on
It’s Busta Bust, nigga! Mick Boogie! Check it! Let’s go!

Since I was a youngin’, I would walk in the street
And I was takin’ what’s mine (Commissioner!)
(C‘mon, c’mon!) When I was young, see, I was packing a punch
Little feisty motherfucker quick for taking your lunch
None of my niggas rockin’ with me would squeal
Everybody getting got
As long as they ain’t have no swine in they meal
Every day, I go to school and I be rollin’ with all of my dogs (Bark!)
Like I was groaning, I was really impressin’ a broad
Every day, we were stepping to niggas – “Hey, yo, what’s up?”
Better run it or we’re coming to dig up all in your pockets
Every now and then, they might throw a punch back
At the end of the day, they had to pay for they lunch back
(Bark!) Now, you know, my bark was rude, after a while
I realized the kids was cool with paying me for they food
(Okay, okay!) Must’ve been something, I saw cash flow
I ain’t only lust for the cake, I fell in love with the dough (Let’s get this money!)

(Oh, this is sweeter than life; Oh, this is sweeter than life)
Now, I ain’t never believed shit could be so sweet
When niggas could get paper so easy
This motherfucker feels so good
Taking a little nigga’s lunch money and his lunch
And making him pay for his lunch to get his lunch back
Yeah, that’s how we got his lunch money, too
Yeah, that’s how we on it (C’mon!)

Got the chance to go and start to bubble some coke
And started taking what was mine (Alright, alright!)
Got a little older, married this thing called strugglin’
Hustling, trying to find bigger things to be bustin’ in
Even though sometimes we fighting and we tusslin’
We shorties hoein’ that paper, through the hustlin’ and bustlin’
And I stand on the corner, smoke a blunt with my clique
My dog (Bark!) ever blessed me when he front me a brick (You best believe that!)

(As we get down and dirty with powder and coked with coke
And flipped a brick in 36 hours)
(Now, what you say?) We out of town and now we doin’ it greasy
My money sick, unbelievably, and comin’ in easy (Let’s get this dough!)
The Reaganomics era was right and actual
Shit, the coke was so good, the fiends was smoking the capsules (That shit is bug!)
Brick-flipping in a day and a half, black
I never heard or seen no money sweeter than that (That shit was crazy!)

(Oh, this is sweeter than life; Oh, this is sweeter than life)
Yeah, money was rolling in like a motherfucking floodgate was opening
Shit, the shit was so sweet, nigga
It was such a time for niggas
You know what I mean, niggas would go out of town
And set up shop in little crackhead cribs and bubble
Yeah, you know, niggas would run up in the mall and buy about 30 pairs of sneakers
Little niggas that was getting it

Now that I’m a man who has to see a lot of shit
You know, I’m taking what was mine (Fo’ sho, fo’ sho!)
Thinkin’ big and now I’m trying to own land
Getting up now, I’m older, nigga
Think as a grown man
Niggas is having seeds, gotta create a new hoe plan
Tired, I went to hustles
Hold the crack in my cold hands
So then, I started to spit, hollerin’, “Where my dogs is at?”
Run up in labels, hollerin’, “Where your bosses at?”
So determined to get this new cake (Like, here we go)
To put some better food on my plate (So, what you do?)
Spit the shit, the streets, the love and respect
And in return, got corporate America cuttin’ me checks (That’s only right!)
This was some new shit, for me to get loose to
Started feeling the love, different from what I was used to (What’s the haps?)
Fucking lots of hoes, getting a lot of the dough
Money bigger, plus we doin’ award shows
Now, sing this shit

(Oh, this is sweeter than life; Oh, this is sweeter than life)
(Yeah, yo!) You know it’s beautiful
When you ain’t – when you ain’t gotta sell no more of that shit
You know what I mean, you can put the crack down and shit
Money legal now, nigga got a little rap paper
Real successful now, nigga (Yeah!)
You know, we takin’ care of the family
And it couldn’t get more sweeter (C’mon!)
Now that I’m a man who has to see a lot of shit
You know, I’m taking what was –

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