BBoyz II Men

Boyz II Men – Uhh Ahh (Sequel Version)

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six
Five, four, three, two, one
(Injection Fellas)

Uh, ah (Shh)
Uh, ah (Don’t worry about a thing, baby)
Uh, ah
Uh, ah (Just let me love you)

[Verse 1]
In a minute, we’ll be finished
Was I all that you hoped and dreamed?
Was I strong enough (Strong enough)
To make you feel me?
Did I dig too deep in your mind?
You were thinking of ways to make me work
For something we both wanted (Now you’re here, I need to express it like this)
All through the night, all I heard you say was

Uh, ah
Uh, ah
Uh, ah
Uh, ah

[Verse 2]
Now that we’re done, what are you thinking?
Should we talk about it maybe?
You look so beautiful lying there
With the moonlight shining on you
What has come over me?
Oh, you feel so good
Oh, you feel so good, oh (Let’s do it)

Uh, ah
Uh, ah
Uh, ah (Oh, come on, baby)
Uh, ah (Oh, I need you tonight, baby, baby, baby)
Uh, ah (Oh, oh, come a little closer to me, baby)
Uh, ah (Come closer to Shawn)
Uh, ah (Oh)
Uh, ah (Yeah)
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)

Toss and turn back and forth
The love goes as the night flows
Ever so smoothly
I move you as you groove me
Taking our time as our bodies
Join to extract pure satisfaction
Holdin’ and moldin’ while I’m watching your reactions
To pure bliss as I rub and kiss
Every pleasure kept for moments like this

Uh, ah
Uh, ah (All I wanna do)
Uh, ah
Uh, ah (Is make you feel like no other man has made you feel, yeah)
Uh, ah
Uh, ah
Uh, ah (I wanna let you know you have to look no further)
Uh, ah (For the affection you need, you have to look no further)
Uh, ah
Uh, ah (Oh, oh, oh)
Uh, ah (Because Im here, yeah)
Uh, ah (Because I’m here)
Uh, ah
Uh, ah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on, girl)
Uh, ah (Yeah, come on, girl, baby)
Uh, ah (Girl, oh yeah, babe)
Uh, ah (Come on, oh baby)
Uh, ah (It’s good)
Uh, ah (Oh yeah)
Uh, ah

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