BBill Wailey

Bill Wailey – Marquee Status

Who you think you fuckin’ with, I’m outta your range
Thinkin’ that you better than me, nigga that’s strange
And that shit also be motherfuckin’ cringe
I’ll prolly take the shit outta you with a syringe
Alright, now this is the part where I’m not explicit
Just like I’ll prolly won’t go to my hun for a visit
Got a lotta things and a lotta other obligations
Now I got a lotta hate, yeah I’m talkin’ complications
Call me Kendrick ’cause lovin’ my ex was complicated
Goes to show that there was a lot of time I wasted
Tryin’ to please that hun even thou I never loved her
Guess I don’t regret tellin’ her to move on for the better
Damn, now she callin’ me, she textin’ me, for what?
She should know her role and keep her mouth shut
I shouldn’t blame her thou, it’s hard to move on from me
It’s hard because I’m a wholesome gent, belong to nobody

Yeah, and now my niggas be out here actin’ sus
Guess this niggas that I roll with back in the day are useless
I don’t need ’em to patronize or pretend to be my boy
When all these years they’ve been playin’ me like a toy

Shit, now I guess that I’m now gone and caught feelings
But this time thou, I want to attach some fuckin’ strings
Yessir, gotta fuck my hun, but only when she’s ready
She’s a virgin after all so I guess I gotta take it steady
Ayy, now we testin’ the current, man I feel like Drake
She’s a keeper after all and shit, gotta raise the stakes
Hold up, wait a minute, y’all niggas delusional and ridiculous
While I’m like Keith Lee, ’cause I’m so damn limitless
Guess I can say that a young nigga made it in life
And my ratings are always a five star out of five
And you niggas be granted so many chances
Y’all blew ’em while I took it so I’m now in marquee status

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